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Tarifold Hanging Identification Pocket (10 pack)

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For a safe, visible and durable identification. This identification pocket is perfectly adapted to TQM, 5S, KAIZEN and generally speaking all LEAN management purposes.

Product description:

  • Thick PVC identification pockets.
  • Front cover is transparent anti-glare PVC.
  • 3 perforations for hanging accessories.
  • Available in A5 and A4 formats, portrait and landscape.
  • Available in crystal or color versions: blue, red, yellow and green.
  • Opening on the top.
  • Hangers supplied separately (Art. 165990).

Unique selling points:

  • High-impact ISO standards colors for a color coded organization.
  • One single hanger fits all sizes.
  • PVC is without phtalates and REACH compliant.
  • For information to be displayed on container bins, crates and box pallets.
  • Perforations allow for multiple hanging possibilities: hanger, pins and tacks, clamp ring, cable tie, cord, etc.


  • In-door use, in ware-houses, factories, LEAN management, TQM, Stock control.
  • Perfect for boxes, containers or pallet identification.

Technical characteristics:

  • Material : 350µ coloured PVC, 300µ transparent antiglare PVC.
  • PVC without phtalates and compliant REACH regulation.
  • Packaging: Bag of 10 identification pockets.
  • Stainless steel hanger sold separately.
  • A4 Landscape - 712 g -262x320 mm
  • A5 Landscape - 390 g -197x230 mm
  • A4 Portrait - 682 g -230x350 mm
  • A5 Portrait - 374 g -165x262 mm


  • Manufacturer
  • Materiale
    Polyvinylklorid (PVC)
  • Lengde
    230 mm
  • Høyde
    351 mm
  • Monteringstype
    3 perforations for hanging
  • Størrelse